strengthen and protect children

The stage is set for the Prevention of Violence

 For twenty years now, my ensembles and I have successfully played and performed in over 4,000 times in countless kindergardens and primary schools. The response of the teachers is excellent and the children are enthusiastic. From all sides, "The Hedgehog File" is repeatedly confirmed that it's way of bringing violence prevention to the young audience has a profound and lasting effect on children and young people. In the  context of the groups and the work in classes, the children should learn to better understand their social environment and find their way around it: Reduce prejudices, fears and inhibitions. The aim is also that the children learn to determine their needs and then to communicate them clearly to others and set limits. They also become aware that they respect the needs of others and their limits. The prevention project aims to encourage children to act independently and actively and to strengthen their self-confidence. The theatre perfomance as well as the DVD, the audio books, the teaching material and the book give the adults the opportunity to work actively with the children.


My goal is to stop the violence in our society and to create a social climate for our children that promotes and strengthens their development, for the benefit of all of us!


Kindest regards


Olaf Krätke

Actor, author, director

General manager of the project "The Hedgehog File"