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Concluding remark


The play and the conception of the project "The Hedgehog File" was created by Olaf Krätke. I would like to point out, that all exploitation, licensing and copyrights, with regard to the idea, the concept and the graphics that have be endeveloped, can or belong directly to Mato Storytelling Company OÜ with out restriction and are therefore protected.


Should this - or a concept oriented to this - be carried out according to my idea presented here or/and i appropriate form without us, then the obligation exists to pay a protection and utilization license fee (per project) plus the respectively valid value added tax to me. 

Note regarding warning attemps:
No warning without prior contact! Should the content or the presentation of the page of this website violate the rights of third parties or legal provisions, we ask for appropriate information without cost note. We guarantee that all rightly objected passages will be removed immediately without the need for you to call in legal counsel. Nevertheles, we will fully reject any cost incurred by you without prior contact and, if necessary, file a counterclaim for violation of the afore mentioned provision.


Thank you for your understanding and attention.