Violence prevention project THE HEDGEHOG FILE celebrates its anniversary

Our violence prevention project THE HEDGEHOG FILE celebrates it's 20th anniversary and we are incredibly happy and proud of it. On this wonderful occasion, we made a short film. From the bottom of our hearts we thank all the supporters of the project and especially all our committed and wonderful actresses and actors of our hedgehog ensembles, as well as all pedagogues and creatives who contributed significantly to the success of the project.

The "Sunshine-Song" (German version) in the film was composed by Chris Raab.

The lyrics are by Sonja Welter and Susi Bloss (both belong to the hedgehog ensemble Bavaria), who also interpret the song.

For more information please visit our website:

20 years of violence prevention 

20 yeas of "The Hedgehog File"


We are very happy about the anniversary and the success! Many thanks to all the supporters and especially to the hedgehog-ensembles, who work with a lot of commitment and love for the well-being of the children.



For the 20th anniversary of "The Hedgehog File" Wind Child Publishing has published a rich assortment of Hedgehog-File products!


The audio books and the radio play to download (both German), the ebook in French, English and German, as well as the DVD with the film (German) are available everywhere in online shops.