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The violence prevention project "The Hedgehog File" will celebrate its 24th anniversary in 2022. Since its premiere on October 26, 1998 we have performed over 4,000 theatrical performances in primary schools (up to grade 4), day nurseries, integration facilities and kindergardens.

In addition to raising children's awareness of this topic and strengthening their selfconfidence, it was always important for Olaf Krätke to bring children closer to the medium of theatre (and thus also literature) and make it directly tangible.

The prevention project was also presented to the public at various ARD children's festivals (in Essen and Cologne) and the anniversary festival of the "Sendung mit der Maus" (Cologne) and many others. As part of the presentation, the play was also performed several times a day in the Action Circus Tent and received enthusiastically applause by the audience. More than 1.3 million visitors were enthusiastic about this unique and beautiful children's festival with all its childorientated, funny and exciting shows and activities. "The Hedgehog File" was an absolute crowd puller for young and old. And also at the family events which took place all over Germany the project was celebrated by the audience!

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